HEY DJ!!!!

"The night comes alive with Your music"

Tonight is Your Night!

"HEY DJ!" is the only night in SRQ where the customer is the DJ.
Sure, there are some talented DJs in the area, but most only play dance music. I mean when was the last time you heard Miles Davis followed by Ben Watt or Bjork. Well if you thats what you like then make a mix/playlist Now you don't have to put money in the Jukebox (unless you forgot your cd)....All you simply do is bring a cd of your favorite jams (legal downloads only) and share and enjoy. We'll save the the playlist and when your playlist is selected (random shuffle) FREE SHOT!

  • No more than 14 songs per disc
  • Legal downloads only
  • Keep it different


Thursday, Dec. 6th 2012 at 7pm-2am

6616 Superior Ave

Sarasota, FL

Gulf Gate University presents "HEY DJ!"

Where you're the DJ. Simply bring in a cd mix of 14 songs and receive a free shot.

Drink Special: $10 All U Can Drink Domestic Draft/ $15 All U Can Drink Craft Beers