Flat Belly Diet

By: Tyler King

The diet's claims

In 32 days, you can lose up to 15 pounds and drop belly fat by following their plan: Eat 400 calories per meal, four times per day (daily total: 1,600). Don’t go longer than 4 hours without eating. Eat monounsaturated fats at every meal.

How these claims may not be true..

1. It's likely that if one does lose 15 pounds in 32 days, they're mostly losing water weight, which they may regain. Losing 1-2 pounds per week will take one longer to reach their goal, but they're losing actual fat.


First, you target bloating for four days. During that time, you can't add salt to any food and you must avoid:

· Processed foods

· Carbs like pasta, bananas, and bagels

You must also drink 2 liters of water mixed with ginger root, cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves..

After that, you eat a Mediterranean-style diet for 4 weeks with 1,600 calories per day.

Diet compared with the food pyramid

The diet doesn't necessarily exclude any of the food groups, but it does require one to eat less, therefore it is preventing the body from getting all the nutrients it needs.


People might be vulnerable to this diet because it oversells the concept that monounsaturated fats magically help one lose belly fat, and the fact that exercise is not required.

Long term problems

This diet may prevent one from getting enough nutrients, exercise, and depending on the size of the person, it could mean one starving themselves.


People who are on the Flat Belly Diet will lose weight, but most of it will be water weight. And while the Mediterranean-style diet is healthy, long-term weight-loss will also need to involve exercise, lifestyle adjustments and perhaps working with a nutritionist.