December 2019


Dear Hiteon Families,

Welcome to December! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and friends! The busy holiday season is now upon us and going at full steam. It is our goal to keep the students engaged in learning during the next few weeks. To help us with this goal please make sure students are getting the sleep they need.

November was a quick and busy month for the staff and students at Hiteon. There have been several community-building activities during November. A BIG “THANK YOU” to the PTO organizers and volunteers who hosted the Neon Family Dance. It was such a wonderful and fun time the PTC organized for all our families. We also had a PTC sponsored author assembly with Roland Smith a native Oregonian. The students enjoyed his presentation and learning about what it takes to write a book. Fifth grade took the lead on organizing the Civil War Food Drive. The food collected will be donated to the Sunshine Pantry. The Hiteon community is always assisting in providing a family-friendly school community, we are all so fortunate!

As we move through the school year we continue to keep “Kindness” as our overarching goal for students and staff. During the month of November, students earned a Sports Day by meeting our kindness goal. As we move into December we are working towards earning a “Crazy Sock Day”. We encourage our students and staff to spread kindness like confetti!


Meghan Warren, Principal

Jenny Read-Emslie, Assistant Principal

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Report Cards are Going Paperless

The Beaverton School District is transitioning to electronic report cards for all students. The electronic report cards will be accessed through ParentVUE (mobile and desktop). If you have not set up your ParentVUE account, you will need to do that by January 2020.

There are resources and guidance on how to set up a ParentVue account. Please view the FAQ for instructions on setting up your account. There are several benefits to moving to paperless report cards. You will be able to view grades days after grading days, rather than wait up to two weeks for a report card to come by mail or in your child’s backpack. In addition, moving away from paper is environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the District.

Please contact your school if you need help setting up or accessing your ParentVUE account or need assistance with a printed copy. We will be sharing more information about this transition in the coming weeks.

Las boletas de calificaciones se enviarán electrónicamente y no en papel

El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton está haciendo la transición a las boletas de calificaciones electrónicas para todos los estudiantes. De ahora en adelante usted podrá obtener las boletas de calificaciones electrónicas a través de la aplicación ParentVUE (por celular y computadora). Si todavía no ha configurado su cuenta de ParentVUE, deberá hacerlo antes de enero de 2020.

Tenemos recursos e instrucciones sobre cómo configurar una cuenta de ParentVue. Por favor consulte la sección de Preguntas Frecuentes donde podrá encontrar esta información.

Hay varios beneficios de solo recibir las boletas de calificaciones de manera electrónica. Usted las podrá ver de tres a cuatro días hábiles después de los días de calificación, en lugar de esperar hasta dos semanas para recibir una boleta de calificaciones por correo o en la mochila de su hijo. Además, deshacerse de la opción de papel ayuda al medio ambiente y es mas económico para el Distrito.

Por favor comuníquese con su escuela si necesita ayuda para configurar o entrar a su cuenta de ParentVUE o si necesita ayuda con una copia impresa. Estaremos compartiendo más información sobre esta transición en las próximas semanas.

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Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Visit the link below for important information on the BSD website regarding inclement weather.

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Too Sick for School?

With colds, coughs and flu season upon us. Please review the poster below for reminders of when to keep your students home when they are too sick for school.
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Reminders of Hiteon's Arrival & Dismissal Plans

ARRIVAL: 7:45 – 7:55 am

Hiteon's doors open at 7:45 am. Please do not bring your student(s) to Hiteon prior to that time. We do not have supervision available for students until our doors open at 7:45 am.

When our doors open, children enter the building and report to either the Cafeteria for breakfast, the Primary Commons Area (K & 1), or the Gym (2nd through 5th). Students will be released to their classrooms when the bell rings at 7:55 am. Classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:00 am. Students that arrive at Hiteon after the 8:00 am bell will be tardy.

When dropping your child off by car, please pull forward, beyond the crosswalk and as far forward as possible. DO NOT STOP on crosswalk. Please have children unload on the school side of your car, exit the vehicle quickly and enter the school building. Students arriving by bus will be supervised by Hiteon staff on their route from the bus to the school.

If you are coming in with your child proceed to the Main Office first to sign-in and obtain a visitor’s badge. If you have a volunteer badge, you must still report to the Main Office to sign-in. Your volunteer badge can be worn in lieu of a visitor’s badge. Parents will be asked to wait in our Main Office Lobby area until the bell rings at 7:55 am.

*Please note, plan ahead to arrive at school on time. Our parking lot get very congested and we strive to have all students arrive on time to maximize learning.

DISMISSAL: 2:35 pm

Please refer to the school map of dismissal locations (posted below). Parents are asked to wait behind the dots to allow teachers to release students to you one at a time.

All students release at 2:35 pm. Students riding the school bus depart their classrooms with our first dismissal bell at approximately 2:33 pm. These students walk a supervised route from their classroom to our school busses. Daycare and parent pick-up students release with our second dismissal bell at 2:35 pm.

If you have an upper grade student picking up a younger sibling, your upper grade student will release with their class per their assigned dismissal location. From there, they can walk along the outside of our building to greet their sibling at his or her assigned pick up location. This allows an older sibling to pick up a younger sibling the same way a parent or assigned pick-up individual would.

Please be sure to communicate how your child will go home and who will pick your child up with his or her classroom teacher ahead of time. Changes to dismissal need to be communicated before 2:15pm or earlier and often to both the classroom teacher and Main Office.

  • If your child walks or bikes to school please pre-determine and practice a route with them. If possible, please have your child walk with other neighborhood children.
  • Please instruct your child to observe crosswalks and stop signs. Crossing Guards will be on duty at four street locations on school days.
  • Bikes (as well as skateboards and scooters) may not be ridden on school grounds. Bikes should be walked and skateboards and scooters carried. It is recommended that bikes be individually locked at all times. Skateboards and scooters may be stored in the classroom during the day.
  • Please review the Bus Rules on page 9 of the Hiteon Handbook. Students will only be let off the bus at their stop. If you want your child to get off at another stop, you must send a signed note to the Main Office. Non-bus students must have written permission from their parent/guardian and permission from the bus driver to ride the bus.


Dropping off children in the Orange Zone: Please enter and exit from the same zone. If you are entering the Orange Zone you will be dropping your child off/picking them up directly across from the Upper Wing Entrance Area (just before the crosswalk). Please heed stop signs and travel with caution as there are many students moving about our parking lot during arrival and dismissal times.

Dropping off children in the Blue Zone: Please enter and exit from the same zone. If you are entering the Blue Zone you will be dropping your child off/picking them up directly in front of the Main Entrance of the school. Please watch for crosswalk foot traffic and remain in your vehicle at all times.

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Hiteon's Attendance Policy Reminders

STUDENT ABSENCE – One of our goals at Hiteon, is to help students develop good habits of responsibility and dependability. We believe the success of students is directly affected by their attendance; therefore, we place a high priority on the importance of students being in school daily. The key to making our efforts successful are well-informed and cooperative parents and students, and good communication between home and school.

Oregon School Law (ORS 339.065) states that an absence may be excused by a principal or teacher if the absence is caused by the pupil’s sickness, by the sickness of some member of the pupil’s family, or by an emergency. Emergencies will be classified as those situations of major importance that affect family and home. It is important to understand that the Oregon Law charges the school, not the parent/guardian, with determining what kinds of absences should be excused.

TELEPHONE REPORTING – If your student will be absent please call 503-356-2141 before 9:00am on the day of the absence. In the case that a parent knows the student will be absent for more than one day, one call may be used to report the entire absence. If a student will be absent for 10 or more days, a letter to the principal should be written by the parent/guardian explaining the absence.

STUDENT TARDYA student who is not in the school at 8:00 am is considered tardy. A student who is tardy should check in at the office with a parent/guardian or bring a note explaining the tardy. If a student will be arriving later than 9:00am a parent/guardian should call the absence phone before 9:00am and the student should check in at the office when arriving at school.

Attendance Telephone System

Call 503-356-2141 before 9:00am to report a student’s absence or tardy.

If a student’s parent does not call to report an absence or tardy, a courtesy call will be made to the student’s home to determine the reason for the student not being at school. A secondary courtesy calls from the school will be made in the afternoon if the parent has not contacted the school after the morning courtesy call.

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Immunization Exclusion Day February 21st

Parents/Guardians remember to please bring any updated immunizations records to the Hiteon office as your child receives initial or updated shots.

If your child is incomplete, you would have received a letter from Hiteon indicating which immunizations are still needed.

If your child remains incomplete on February 21st, they will not be able to attend school until they are complete. If they arrive to school that morning, you will be contact to pick up your student

Please call the Hiteon office if you have any questions.

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December 4th Student Assembly

Attached is the slidedeck from Wednesday’s Assembly where we awarded Bravery Awards and discussed what empathy is. Enjoy peeking into what our students and staff are focusing on in December.

Pajama Day is on Friday, December 20th

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New Community Partnership opens a World of Reading!

The Beaverton School District and our Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) partners are expanding access to library materials and resources via the public library Youth Access Card (YAC) for BSD students who do not already have a public library card. This special library card allows students to check out up to five print books or audiobooks from any WCCLS library without any overdue fines. It also provides access to ebooks, digital audiobooks, and other online library resources that can be obtained directly from their BSD Chromebooks or other device.

Using the Sora app, students can link their WCCLS library cards to the BSD digital library so they can browse and borrow BSD and public library ebook/audiobook collections in one place. Rolling distribution of the YAC cards to BSD schools will begin starting in November and continue through January. For more details about these cards, please see the the BSD webpage about the partnership.

¡Nueva asociación comunitaria que abrirá un mundo de lectura!

El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton y los Servicios Cooperativos de Bibliotecas del Condado de Washington (WCCLS) están ampliando el acceso a los materiales de la biblioteca a través de la Tarjeta Juvenil (Youth Access Card o YAC) para los estudiantes del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton que aún no tienen una tarjeta para la biblioteca pública. Esta tarjeta especial les permite a los estudiantes sacar hasta cinco libros impresos o audiolibros de cualquier biblioteca de WCCLS sin que reciban multas por regresar los materiales tarde. También proporciona acceso a libros electrónicos, audiolibros digitales y otros recursos de la biblioteca en línea que pueden obtener directamente desde sus Chromebooks del Distrito u otro aparato electrónico.

Al usar la aplicación digital Sora, los estudiantes pueden vincular sus tarjetas de la biblioteca pública de WCCLS a la biblioteca digital del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton para que puedan buscar y tomar prestados libros electrónicos y audio libros del Distrito y de la biblioteca pública en un solo lugar. La distribución de las tarjetas YAC a las escuelas del Distrito comenzará en noviembre y continuará hasta enero. Para obtener más detalles sobre estas y la asociación entre el Distrito y WCCLS por favor visite el sitio web del Distrito.

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Meghan Warren, Principal

Jenny Read-Emslie, Assistant Principal

Hiteon’s Mission Statement

Hiteon is a community dedicated to providing an educational experience in which everyone can reach their full potential and make positive societal contributions. We strive to enhance personal, community, and global identities while developing life-long learners.