The Temple of Saturn

Who are the week days named after? Similar Saturnalia events

About the Temple of Saturn

Saturn was the god of the new-sown seed. He was a highly respected god among the Romans. His birthday is celebrated from December 17 to the 23rd. This festival is known as Saturnalia. On his birthday, the people of Rome what exchange gifts attend parties and for a while forget the differences between slaves and masters. The owners for once would wait on the slaves. It was a joyous celebration. This temple was built in his name to honor him and to have good luck with harvest. His temple was one of the most popular among Rome.

Who and what were the days of the week after?

The Romans respected a lot of people and things. But the people and things they respect the most, they wanted to honor in their own special way so they decided to name the days of the week after them. Sunday is the suns day. Monday is the Moons day. Tuesday Is Tius day. Wednesday is Wodens day. Thursday is the source day. Friday is Freyas day. And Satuday is Saturns day. That is where we got the days of the week from.