Fourth Grade Newsletter

Hello, February!

Important Dates

The Fourth Grade Texas Show, "Spotlight on Texas," will be on March 1st, at 6 PM. Remember to send signed documents regarding this performance to Ms. Lanham.

Spring cleaning? The Wolfe PTO garage sale is on February 20th from 7:00 AM until noon. Please see the schedule below, if you'd like to donate items.

February 17th, 1-3 PM

February 18th, 9-11AM

February 19th, 1-4:30 PM

Class pictures will be taken on Thursday, February 4th.

Wear yellow or orange on Wednesday for the Core Essential - Cooperation.


Students will continue studying Earth's natural resources. Students should be able to identify renewable and nonrenewable resources, as well as how to conserve them.


Students will continue working with fractions this week. They will be solving word problems involving addition, and subtraction of fractions with like denominators with and without number lines.


We are returning to expository texts. Students will examine text structure and will use various strategies to understand new vocabulary. Students should study their prefix/suffix notecards for the word study review on Wednesday. REMEMBER the biography reading log assignment is due Wednesday.


Students have written a second essay when given a prompt. On Thursday, we will choose between the best of two essays and publish. Our publishing party is on Friday.

Social Studies

We are moving towards REVOLUTION! We will begin studying the events leading up to the Texas Revolution. On Thursday we will send home information about the Texas Revolution Project. Students will need to select 1 out of 3 possible projects. The project will be completed at home. Ask your child for the information packet on Thursday!