A mythology monster By: Bentley and Zarah

What is the Chimera?

The Chimera is a monster in Greek mythology that has the head of a lion, the tail of a snake, and a goat for a body and the goat head on the back that spits fire. There is also, in some explanations of a monster, a dragon in the hinder part of the Chimera.

Where did the chimera come from?

The Chimera was born form the monster's Typhoeus and Echidna, the Chimera was a girl and Cerberus was her brother.

What did it do?

The Chimera was a monster that terrorized the village around it. It spit fire, and stole children, women, and livestock and ate them and left the bones along side the mountain.
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Who is it connected to specifically?

The chimera comes from the tale of Belleraphon and the Pegasus. The "Hero" Belleraohon was said to be Poseidon son but was raised by king Glacus.
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What is the Major story and what is it know for?

Bellerophon, the son of Poseidon was friends with proteges, but proteges secretly despised him. So one day, Proteges, being the nephew of King Glacus sent Bellerophon to his uncle's kingdom with a letter that said to kill Bellerophon. The king didn't want to come out and just kill him, so he sent him to slay the Chimera thinking he would die. The Chimera was terrorizing the village and taking people and livestock and eating them. So, Bellerophon went to the wisest man in Lyceia. Polyeides said Bellerophon need a Pegasus to slay the chimera. So, that night, when Bellerophon was asleep, Poseidon gave him a Pegasus. The next day, they flew to kill the chimera and shot it with a bow and arrow and killed the Chimera and became hero of the kingdom. so the Chimera is know for the quest that Bellerophon had to go on to kill the Chimera

Why is it important?

It is important because of its story. The story is important because it was Bellerophon quest to kill the chimera and he did killed it and stopped it from hurting and terrorizing people.
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Rubric and Citations

1. who/what is your topic

2. Where is it from/How was it created

3. What does it do

4. Why is it important

5. is it connected to anyone specifically

6. Is there a major story associated with it - explain

7. what is it know for


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