The Venice of the East

Geographic Landform

Thailand has fertile plains, high plateaus, and steep mountain ranges. Much of northeastern Thailand is covered be the Khorat Plateau. Thais also call this region Isan. Phetchabun Mountains separate Isan form the central plains. Tenasserim Mountains run along Thailand's border with Myanmar. In the north, steep hills rise to Doi Inthamon, the highest point in Thailand. In the south, Thailand and Myanmar share the narrow Isthmus of Kra.

Two major river systems, the Chao Phraya and the Mekong, flow through Thailand. Many tributaries that flow into Thailand join the Mekong on its way to the South China Sea

Thailand's Flag

The flag has five stripes. The top and bottom stripes are red. The next two are white. The middle stripe is blue. The red stands for Thailand. The white represents religion. The blue is meant to show respect for the king.

Main Products

RIce, Cassava, Corn, Cotton, Rubber, Suger Cane, Auto Mobiles, Cement, Electronic Equipment, Textiles, Teak, Bamboo, Rattan, Anchovies, Mackerel, Shellfish, Tin, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Lead, Natural Gas, Precious Stones, Tungsten

Traditional Thailand Dance

Rabam Ching Thai Traditional dance Thailand


Thailand's population is 60 million!


Thailand's citizens are called Thai.

Belief System

Thailand's Belief System is Buddhism.


Thailand's capital is Bangkok


Thailand is 198,500 square miles.


Languages spoken in Thailand are Thai,Chinese,Malay,Lao,Vietnamese


Thailand's money is called Baht

Bordering Countries

Thailand borders Cambodia,Laos,Myanmar,Malaysia

Important Cities

Important cities in Thailand are Nonthaburi,Hat Yat,Chaing Mai

Map of Thailand

Thailand's Gouverment and current Ruler

By Hugh Coyle and Abdullah Al-Sharjee