The Life of Harriet Tubman

By: Mrs. St. Laurent and Team 8

When and Where Born:

Harriet Tubman was born around 1820 or 1821 in Maryland. The date is not certain because slaves had no way of recording their birth dates.

Early Life:

Harriet Tubman was the 6th child out of 11 children born in her family. Harriet worked hard as a child. She cut logs, fished and even took care of a baby. She left her family early to work for different masters. She walked around barefoot and lived in a one room house.
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Character Traits

Harriet was brave, a hard worker, courageous, daring and took risks.

Challenges Overcome

Harriet escaped from a life of slavery. She also had to endure headaches and sleeping spells that occured throughout her life because of an injury that took place when she was young.


Harriet Tubman led over 300 slaves to freedom. She helped end slavery.

Interesting Things

Harriet was a nurse in the army during the Civil War.

Harriet never lost a slave while being a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

Harriet gave speeches to earn money.

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