By: Lincoln


  • Saturn's diameter is 9.5 times Earth's diameter and you can fit 764 planets the size of Earth inside Saturn.
  • Its temperature is believed to be -270 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They are very similar in gravity even though Saturn has much more mass.
  • There is no surface on Saturn because it is composed of hydrogen and helium.
  • It takes Saturn 10,755.5 Earth days to orbit the sun.
  • A day on Saturn is roughly 11 hours, which means it spins faster than earth.

Pictures of Saturn's Rings, Founder, and Moons

More Cool Facts About Saturn

  • It is a very cold and windy planet
  • Saturn has 7 ring groups, 4 main and 3 faint. Saturn has 62 confirmed moons including the largest Titan
  • It is composed mostly of helium and hydrogen
  • Saturn has been known to exist since prehistoric times but Galileo discovered the rings with his telescope in the early 1600's
  • Saturn was named after the Roman God of Agriculture
  • Saturn is one of the five brightest planets that can be seen from the naked eye. Saturn can be viewed from Earth most of the time except for when it gets to close to the sun.

Interesting Facts

  • It is sometimes referred to as "The Jewel of the Solar System"

  • Saturn's rings are made of ice, dust, and rocks

  • The day Saturday was named after Saturn