Appo Basketball Summer Agenda 2015

JV Boys

Good Morning, My staff and I are looking forward to providing your son experiences, which builds team chemistry through us participating in high competition and exposure. In addition, my staff and I will help improve his weakness and continue to develop his strengths. This summer your son will be participating in a Summer League, Individual Workouts, and Strength and Conditioning sessions. Below is the schedule, which is subject to change.

Boys and Girls Club Summer League

Monday, June 15th, 12am to Sunday, Aug. 2nd, 12am

109 Glasgow Drive

Newark, DE

Starts June 25, Games will be every Thursday. And Some on Tuesdays. All Games will be at Boys and Girls Club, Red Lion, Glasgow High, and Newark Charter . Your son will be given a schedule and I will email you a copy also.

Strength and Conditioning and Practices sessions.

Monday, June 15th, 5pm to Monday, Aug. 3rd, 7pm

1080 Bunker Hill Road

Middletown, DE

We are allowed 1 practice for each Summer League game we play. There are 8 games so there will be 8 practices, times still to be determined.

Individual Workouts

Monday, June 15th, 8am to Tuesday, Aug. 4th, 1pm

1080 Bunker Hill Road

Middletown, DE

Workouts will be held every day. Starting June 15th. PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENT ON EMAIL FOR DATES AND TIMES.

There are time slots for 2 or 4 student athletes, please email me back for the time best for your son. First come, First Served. Each Slot has a max of 4 players. So sign up early. The time you choice will be your time for the summer, unless me or my staff has to change it. You will be notified in advance.