Is Your Dream Worth The Cost?

Relationships and True love

By: Hudson Holmes

Jay Gatsby's sacrifice

Throughout The Great Gatsby Jay Gatsby’s dream is to get Daisy’s love and to keep Daisy safe. Gatsby is willing to give up his relationships with everyone in his life to attain the love of the woman he loves. In his own parties, Gatsby never tried to interact with others, “The bar, we glanced at first, was crowded, but Gatsby was not there.” (Fitzgerald 45) Gatsby is so fascinated by Daisy that he has no desire to gain any other relationships. Gatsby loves Daisy and is so caught up in the idea of being with Daisy that he does everything in his power to protect her. When Nick asks Gatsby if Daisy was driving the car when it hit Myrtle Gatsby says, “Yes, but of course I’ll say I was.” (Fitzgerald 143) because he will do anything and everything he can for the chance to have a relationship with the girl he loves. Unfortunately, in the end his relationship with daisy is sacrificed because that was the only way he could protect her.

Tom Buchanan's Sacrifice

Tom is portrayed as an arrogant, haughty, jerk throughout The Great Gatsby. He has everything a normal man could desire, a beautiful wife, a mansion of a house, and great friends, yet he still desires more. His dream is to accomplish more than the ordinary man, to prove himself as better than everyone else, and throughout the story he sacrifices the relationship he has with Daisy to do that. From the first chapter of the book when Nick goes over to the Buchanan’s for dinner we see that Tom isn’t a good husband to Daisy. On page 16 when Nick asks about Daisy’s baby she starts her story off by saying, “Tom was God knows where.” (Fitzgerald 14) Any normal dedicated man would’ve been right there beside his wife, waiting for his child to be born, but instead Tom was off where he wanted to be. Also, during dinner, Tom gets a mysterious phone call, which Jordan explains is from, “some woman from New York.” Even though Tom’s need to show his dominance and prove himself doesn’t cost him his relationship with Daisy as a whole, it costs him a chance at a sincere, honest relationship, which is what being in a relationship is all about.

Real World Application

Giving up relationships today will today will usually end up costing you your dream. For example, Tiger Woods was at the top of the world, he had money, a super model for a wife, and quite possibly the greatest golf game in the world. Then, Tiger decided threw it all away by giving up the most relationship he will ever have. Not only did his annual earnings drop from “2009: 10,508,163- 2011: 660,238” (Richest People 2012) he also lost the love of his wife, and the respect of his kids. In Tiger’s apology he says, “I have let my family down” (Huffington Post) which truly is the worst thing a man can ever say. When Tiger had that affair, it cost him both his true love, and many of his important relationships.

Another important figure that has given up a relationship is David Patraeus. Patraeus was the head of the CIA and a very important figure in the US military. Patraeus was also married, yet he still had an affair with the woman who was the author of his biography, All In. After the affair came out, Patraeus, “Stepped down as the head of the CIA,” saying, “At the end of the day it was the honorable thing to do.” (ABC News) Unlike Woods however, Patraeus’ wife, “once again demonstrated how incredibly fortunate he was to marry her." (ABC News) In conclusion, even after you have you achieved your dream, there is nothing more important and there is nothing worth the relationships you have in your life.

Conclusion- Is it worth it?

Over the course of our lives we will meet hundreds of thousands of people, yet, one a select handful ever make an impact. We are hard wired from birth to be very selective in picking out the people we let passed that outer barrier, and deeper into our lives. That is why I believe, those people who you can make those connections with, those people who you develop a true relationship with, are worth more than anything else in this world. In The Great Gatsby we saw characters that were in meaningful relationships but chose to entertain themselves with temporary flings, and look what ended up happening. Two of them died, one of them killed himself, and two of them moved away because they couldn't face what had happened there. Then when we look at the world today we see people that have it all, money, cars, fame, loving wives, big houses, and they just throw it all away for something that isn't even real. In conclusion not only is a dream that involves giving up a meaningful relationship not worth the price you pay, its probably not the kind of aspiration you should have for your life.

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