Megan D. 7th Period


Myanmar once called Burma (about the size of Texas). Monsoons or seasonal winds that blow away hard. Irrawaddy, and Salween flow through vast low land mountain ranges. Precious gems are valuable and can be sold. Yangon is famous for mondern university, etc. Mayn Mar was part of British India for many years. Ang San Suu Kyi has become a leader she was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for her efforts. Socialism is an economic system in which most buisinsesses are owned and runed by a government.

There may or may not be drugs. If there is drugs then there is medicine to take if u get sick of the drugs at Myanmar. Bad people always do drugs there and good people dont take drugs. If the parents do go there for a visit they may take drugs and smoke and buy more drugs to do more smoking. Never smoke at myanmar or you willo get really sick and may die after smoking 100 drugs a day. That is really bad for the people the do smoke a lot there. There is a lot of smokers at Myanmar and they mgiht die of the drugs after 20 each day pr more than 20 a day like 50 a day. The kids may get sick to if they get near the smoke from the drug. I guess every parent smokes or maybe half of the people at Myanmar smoke. Remember the drugs are really bad for you to do and you get really really sick.



There are 3 seasons of Myanmar. Rainy March to October, Cool November to February, and Hot May to April. It is only 6 months apart exept of the hot becuase it is only 2 months of the hotness in Myanmar.


About 75% of Myanmar's 47.8 million live in rural ares. Most densely populated part of the country is fertile Irrawaddy River valley. Many rural dwellers build thier homes on poles above the ground for proctection because of the floods and wild animals.


Myanmar was part of the British India for many of years. Became an independent republic in 1948. Military leaders have turned Myanmar into a socailist country. Aung San Suu Kyi has become a leader in this struggle.


Myanmar's economy is benefiting from investment in oil, natural gas, and power, as well as from growth in tourism, construction, and exports. Investment environment has improved following reforms to unify multiple exchange rates and as industrial countries ease their economic sanctions on Myanmar. Tourist arrivals were particularly strong in the first half of this year, surging by 31% from the year-earlier period.

Slogan- Myanmar "All That Glitters is not Gold, But Myanmar is"