The Passage

Justin Cronin

virus, and kidnapping

In this novel there is people dealing with a virus, and if you get it cause damage to your body and affect it badly,also while dealing with it and worrying about trying not to catch this virus a little girl gets kidnapped by a loved one who she knows.


Amy Harper Bellafonte, a child who is infected with a form of the virus and acquires some of the traits of the other infected and who is also kid napped before hand.

jonas lear is the the person who thinks he found the cure to the virus so i would describe him as the scientist.

Lacey Antoinette Kudoto is Amy's mother sister who she left amy with when she was kid napped.

Amy's mother pretty much traded her daughter up for prostitution


The theme of this story is trying to find a cure for a deadly disease/virus. If you get the virus you transform into a vampire and get very sick. There is this one character in the story his name is jonas lear. He is the one person who is trying to find the cure and testing it on different people to see how they react to it.while trying to deal with that situation, a little girl by the name of Amy has to deal with her mother who is a prostitute and gives her up to go live with her aunt because she cant take the responsibility. After she does that the mother gets into some trouble and her life becomes very bumpy. After the fact Amy gets kidnapped.
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At first when i saw the title to this book i was like no way, i'm not reading this boring book but as i read a few chapters i grew to like it. Its not only a scientific book its also a mystery and tragedy book at the same time. so while reading it your also learning about difficulties in other peoples live. Yes also this book can get to you in some parts because you might not agree with it and it also might anger you too. Im always the first one to say no to books but if i can read it and enjoy it while mixing my personally emotions with it i don't see why you wouldn't enjoy this novel. So yes i do recommend this novel its a great non stop book.
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