Indian Singing and Music

by: Courtney Lyons


The Comanche Indians have a "raid song" in which opens with a war cry and the following speech by the leader of the tribe: " We are going on a warpath. All of you sing.You are going to see a land you have never seen before.You are going to enjoy a feast on a young colt."

Many Comanche woman sing in hymns. Most hymns in the Comanche tribe are received in hymns. The 'Comanche Christian hymn" is the most popular in this genre. This melody is usually created by woman.

Comanche Indians take great pleasure in fitting some English words into their songs. Young children love to sing because the songs link to their cultural heritage. Most songs are love songs like the ones in the modern day.

Native American Dance

Dancing has always been a big part of the Plains Indian tribe. Many dances were fancy dance. Many dances were invented around the 1920's and 1930's. Many Indian dances were outlawed by the United States and Canadian Government. Many dances, however, now are not illegal. Therefore, the tribe can dance freely.


The Kiowa love dancing, especially the sun dance. The sun dance was created while migrating south.Kiowa music, one of the most heavily recorded tribes, is part of the larger Southern Plains Indian music genre. The Kiowa are also big in music. They have many songs created by song makers and inspired by other tribes. Many Indians from the south have had a big influence on music and dance.