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The toucan has a very colorful appearance. There are 35 different kinds of toucans.The Biggest toucan is the toco toucan which is about 24 inches long. The smallest one is the arcais which is about 12-15 inches long.They look unbalanced because of their colorful beaks. An average size of a toucan's beak is about eight inches. The banana shaped beak helps this species eat and to call out to others to when that there is danger. Their legs and wings are very strong. This bird has a lifespan of 20 years.


The toucan has a very interesting habitat. This bird lives in South and Central America. They live and sleep in hollows, or a hole, in a tree. About seven toucans can live and sleep in one hollow, but most birds live in the canopy 150 feet up off the ground. This bird rarely leaves the Amazon Rainforest because they have all the food they need and it is a warm environment.


Toucans have a very weird way they eat. This animal eats fruits, insects ,small lizards, eggs, spiders, and the red eye tree frog.When the toucan wants food, they use their very strong legs to more from branch to branch in search of food.If this species can't reach the food, they use their long beaks to reach it. After they eat their prey once the food is digested, they cough it up and spit it out to give other plants and animals nutrients.

Friends and Enemies

Large animals such as eagles and hawks prey on this bird. Enemies have a hard time seeing the toucan because they are hiding in their hollows. When an enemy finds this bird, the toucan will use their loud voices to call for help and warn others about the danger.There are only a few bird related to the toucan.


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