Friday Newsletter

January 15, 2016

Smith Mission

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.

Collective Commitments

*All kids can learn in different ways and at different times.

*Relationships are vital to the success of students, teachers and families.
*Smith will provide all students with opportunities to experience success.

*All teachers share the responsibility for the needs of all students.

*Smith Elementary provides an enjoyable and engaging learning environment.
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Janis Dahl

On Thursday, Janis invited other music teachers from surrounding campuses to come and participate in a lunch collaboration session. They had an agenda and held tight to focusing on the work!

Ashlee Freeney and Lauren Tucker

These two ladies were willing to step outside the box when dealing with student discipline. They allow students to come to school each day with clean slates and have implemented behavior plans that spotlight positive student actions. They are trusting the process and seeing gains!

Deb Fleming, Nicole Whatley, Josefina Barrerra, Danie Love, & Sadaf Zuberi,

Our SAIL crew received accolades from two district representatives. The words they used to describe our team include...

"They are, without a doubt, the strongest group of paraprofessionals I have ever observed. They work alongside of you seamlessly, and you can tell that they are all confident and competent in the roles that they perform. How fortunate are our students to have the opportunity to receive this level of supports and services on a daily basis?!"

Jen Baker and Ashlei Funtjar

Jen and Ashlei also received words from two sources.

"Each time I visit, I am continually amazed at the progress the students have made. You guys are amazing in your roles and I simply could not ask for more dedicated, passionate, and skilled teachers."

And another compliment...

"You have done a terrific job implementing a layered and differentiated reinforcement system, having clear procedures and routines, and utilizing the "station" model for instruction when appropriate. It is evident that these components of the program are implemented daily."

Way to go SAIL!!!

Data Dialogue Celebrations

Moments to share from data discussions this week:

  • Consider a Throw Back Thursday as a way to spiral back in concepts already covered during problem solving.
  • There is a free app called TEKS that has all the TEKS organized and easy to access, very user friendly
  • Quote of the week, take time to notice and celebrate that "Even in the wrong answers, there is good thinking!”

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Sonic Thursday Recognition

3rd grade team

My WHOLE team for going above and beyond for me when I was out. They didn’t even ask…they just did! I was able to rest and not worry about a single thing. They are not just teammates, they are LIFE LONG FRIENDS!!!

I love you guys!! Annie

Renee Dunagin

I nominate Renee Dunagin - She is always going the extra mile for her team. She handles tasks for us without hesitation, or often does them for the team before the rest of us even know about it. She takes on more than her share and does it with a smile! She is an amazing teacher and is always willing to share ideas! Jenny Parris

Dominique Gonzalez

I would like to nominate Dominique Gonzalez for...oh, so many things! First of all, she took time to help my sister and I with my youngest nephew who has significant speech delays. She met with him and put together a TON of activities for us. As if that wasn't reason enough, she also worked some magic with a reluctant parent. Seriously, she is the best of the best. :) Sarah Anderson

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Upcoming Dates:

January 18- No School

Lindsey is off campus on Tuesday, but will be back on Wednesday afternoon.

She will miss planning's next week, so wanted to give you a heads-up!

January 20: 3:20 All Staff Meets in the Cafe - Committee Day

January 22: Celebrate Smith, Principal Award Nominations for January Due to Kasey

In the future:

January 28, 29 Diverse Abilities Day

January 28 6:00 pm PTA Meeting/1st Grade Music Performance

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Principal Awards - Due January 22nd

Committee Meetings on Wednesday

All staff will need to meet briefly in the library. The School Culture and Organization committee will have a presentation to role out the new positive behavior support initiative for Smith. This committee has been hard at work and we are ready to get started!
After the presentations, committees will break out to do further work around their goals.

Instructional Team Leader Notes

ITLs met on Monday afternoon. Notes have been shared with ITLs on Google. You can now access them here.
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The biggest loser started on Monday. 10 staff members weighed in!

I would like to commend all that are participating in our annual Biggest Loser competition!

Our top three weight losing fanatics are:

Andrea Sibley losing 2.7%

Dana Andregg at 2.6%

Amy Bell at 2.4%

Way to go ladies! It is not always easy to stay on task, but if you reach deep and get your GRIT on, you WILL be successful!

See you lighter!


Book Club, Book Club Read All About It!!!

Have a wonderful extended weekend!