Houghton Lake Michigan

My Favorite Place To Be

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My favorite place to eat is the Limber Lost. The Limber Lost is a place on the lake where you can dock your boat right there and go inside. They have American food and a place where you can roast marshmallows over a fire. They also have an arcade inside and a outside eating area.

Indian Pow-Wow

The Indian pow-wow includes a show put on by the Native Americans where you can eat their homemade food, watch them dance, get souvenirs and also participate in a raffle.
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During the summer Michigan residents flock to their "second home" cabins as other take on cabin rentals for the weekend to enjoy fun in the sun. The lake is always busy with locals and visitors as it is a prime destination for boating and other water sports, or just lounging by the water at your cottage.
Houghton Lake Summer Getaway