Safety in your home

Fall prevention

Ah yes, home. The place where you can chill out, relax, unwind—you name it. But your home can be more hazardous than you think. Nearly 8 million people are injured in falls every year, either in or outside the home, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Young children are still developing mobility and coordination and can be prone to injuries caused by falls. Head injuries are associated with most deaths and severe injuries resulting from falls. Make sure the area around little kids is safe to toddle, tippy toe and topple. Always actively supervise your little kid as he explores around the home. Furniture: Do not place toys or items that attract children on top of furniture. Place furniture away from windows, and secure it to the wall with anchor straps. Stairs:Install safety gates at the top and the bottom of staircases. Actively supervise toddlers on stairs. Hold their hands when climbing up and down stairs. Make sure stairs are clear of toys and other objects. Windows: Install safety guards on windows. Screens are mean to keep bugs out, not children in. Keep windows locked when they’re closed.