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August 2, 2022

Novice Teacher Professional Development Opportunity-August 10th Only

This applies to Teaching Staff Only

There were originally two opportunities (8/9 and 8/10), but will offer the second part during the New Teacher Week.

Topic: Routines and Procedures--"Putting the Pieces Together"

Time: 9:00-3:00 (Lunch on your Own)

Where: District Office Board Room (attached to Baltz Elementary)

Registration: DSC #103856 (If you are unable to register, please email to be added manually to the registration list).

This workshop is designed for novice teachers who are wanting to increase their knowledge and practice around developing strong routines and procedures. Teachers will participate in professional discussions, personal reflections, and supported planning for modeling and teaching expectations. Through the use of two guiding questions: 1. What do you want students to do? 2. How do you want students to demonstrate your expectations? Teachers will break down daily routines and procedures into specific behavioral expectations, create detailed modeling plans, and analyze their own language to help support students. Finally, teachers will use what they have learned to begin “setting the stage” for incorporating this mindset of teacher modeling into their daily routine to develop a positive, safe, interactive and fun classroom environment.

Back to School Week

Report to your building: August 22nd-August 25th (Details will be shared by your building admin team).

The outline shared is intended to be a brief overview of what could occur in your building the week teachers return to the building. The schedule presented is subject to change based on building need.

New Employee Orientation: August 15th-17th at Brandywine Springs School

Please see the schedule below:

Please register in DSC to attend each day, so your intention is known for each day:

August 15th-# 103819

August 16th-#103820

August 17th- #103821

August 18th-#103822 (am session), #103823 (pm session: Routines and Procedures-"Putting the Pieces Together" part 2

If you are unable to register, sign-in sheets will be available the day of the professional development.

Most Asked Questions

1 . Will I be assigned a mentor?

Yes, you will have a building mentor and there will be district level support. Nurses and other specialists will more than likely have a mentor in a different building.

2. Do I need to attend the entire "New Teacher" PD week?

It is critical for you to attend the entire opportunity. This gives the new teacher perspective and understanding of the districts mission and vision. If you have a personal obligation, please contact your building principal.

3. If I am coming from a different district, but am not novice do I still need to attend the "New Teacher Week"?

Yes, you will gain meaningful information regarding your new district, so your required.

If you have more than 4 years teaching experience, you more than likely will not need to be part of the mentoring program. Please ensure you have documentation of your years of service just in case you are asked.

Important Upcoming Dates:

School Closed-Friday, August 26th

School Closed-Friday, September 2nd

School Closed-Monday, September, 5th (Labor Day)