Political Ideology

Trent Comp

Political Ideology

Ideology: a consistent and integrated system of ideas, values, and beliefs

Political ideology: how the Democrats and Republicans see the issues

Political parties: groups of people who seek to control government by winning elecitons


Far Left----Liberals----Moderates----Conservatives----Far Right

Far left: want extreme change in the government at almost any cost

Liberals: believe in strong government involvement to help people, provide economic security, and protect civil rights

Moderates: generally the share some of the viewpoints of both the liberals and conservatives

Conservatives: believe in free markets, limited government, self-reliance in economic affairs

Far right: extremely conservative and want to go back to the "good old days", views are kind of outside of the mainstream

Results of quiz number 1

My results said I was a social democrat, I am in the liberal mindset but wish to take it a step further, I favor the broadening of various social programs and a progressive income tax system.

Link to website: http://www.gotoquiz.com/results/what_is_your_political_ideology

Results of quiz number 2

The results for the second quiz I took were similar to the first results I received. It says I agree with the liberals on most political issues such as: domestic policy, health care, immigration, and foreign policy issues. Also, it says that i agree with republicans on social issues.

Link to website: http://www.isidewith.com/results/737216551

Results of quiz number 3

The results I got in the third quiz I took were different than the other two results I have gotten. It said I would be more towards the right side of the spectrum, mentioned that I am for limited government and agree with the republicans on social issues.

Link of website: http://theadvocates.org/quiz/quiz.php#

Some Current American Issues


Democrats: It should be allowed, the woman should be able to chose if she wants an abortion or not.

Republicans: Aborting a baby is the same has killing a child, it shouldn't be allowed.

Gay Marriage

Democrats: Favor some form of marriage or civil union, for it.

Republicans: Oppose forms of gay marriage, against it.

Minimum Wage

Democrats: It needs to be raised to a livable standard.

Republicans: Artificial control hurt the economy, businesses will hire fewer people if they have to pay more, it will make the economy worse.