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Jacob Lewis

Educator Interview Article

Here is an interview with Coach Lucas which is a 10th grade Analytic Geometry teacher.

Effective Educator Characteristics Article

I believe that Effective Educator Characteristics play a huge role in the learning and development of the student. If the teacher is Boring and dull then the student is not going to even want to keep his/her head up in class. to keep student's on there toes keep asking questions, make jokes, just have fun with them, but still do the task at hand which is preparing them for life.

Am I suited for teaching?

I was just recently opened up to the idea of teaching. My high school teachers play a huge role in my love for math mainly. I used to hate math and i felt like every math teacher had it out to get me; until one day, i came into my 9th grade math class with my pen in my hand and my eyes and ears open. From that day on i have loved math, and there was a huge lesson learned that day. If you come in willing to work you can do anything. Sure i get stage fright talking to groups but i just need to become more charismatic. I love showing people how to do things they don't understand and i love the feeling i get knowing that i helped someone understand that. I have my personal views on how a teacher should be and that is exactly what i can be. A teacher should always keep things alive in the class with jokes. That is what keeps a groups attention. A boring class is never fun and if it's not fun then you just don't want to work. I grew up in the 2000's this is when a lot of the good things we have now where made. IPhones, the really heavy music of today's culture, It's what really makes up the United states now. I is what everyone knows, so if you use those things in your curriculum that makes things interesting to the students. I believe a teacher should relate to his students and that is exactly what makes a teacher a good teacher, and that is exactly why i think i am suited for it. I feel like i will be able to relate to the students.

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Academic Coach - Math(up to 19 hours per week) Major duties include coordinating a school's professional development, facilitating on-site professional development sessions, serving as a member of the school's design/management team, providing model lessons for teachers. A minimum of three 3 years successful teaching experience in a high school required.

Assistant Superintendent - Educational Leadership (Minimal Qualifications Specialist Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision Valid L-6 GA Education Certificate, Seven (7) years of successful experience in supervisory and administrative role, Ten (10) years of successful experience as a classroom teacher).

Grades 9-12 Combination - Chemistry


Plan for appropriate learning experiences for students based on the district Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum and provide an atmosphere and environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of students.