~Out Of The Dust~

Karen Hest


Billy Joe, a girl named a boy because they thought she was gonna be a girl, mom almost died getting burned by Billy Joe when there was a fire because her dad left a pail of kerosene on the stove her mom,thinking it was water, picked it up and made coffe when it caught on fire, her mom did not die, she died giving birth to her baby brother.She blames her father and is angry with him.She also burned her hand in the fire. Witch made her not be able to play piano anymore.When her father has spots on his skin, she notices and runs away because she dosent want her father to leave her.She forgives her father and goes back but on the way, her father has a girlfriend named Lousie.On thanksgiving, her dad asked her to marry him.She says yes and they live a have family,Billy Joe likes to play piano for them once her hand held.
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