Culture Notes

By Amelia Gabriel

Grocery Stores

In French-speaking countries people go grocery shopping in small stores like creameries, delis, and butcher shops. Even though supermarkets are starting to become more popular and a little bit cheaper, people still like to go to the little stores.


Lunch and dinner in French families consist of several courses. These courses consist of an appetizer, main course, salad, cheese and dessert. A special meal might be even nine courses!!!

Appetizer: cold cuts, vegetables or soup.

Main Course: Meat such as duck, guinea hen, rabbit, or goose. Seafood such as snails, oysters or shrimp.

Dessert: fresh fruit (on special occasions sometimes pastries or ice cream are served.

Interesting Fact: For dinner eggs are often eating.


A meal is a way to celebrate friendship or a special occasion. New Year's is celebrated with friends while birthdays are for just families. Kids often receive a small gift on Saint's day