EUSD Superintendent Update

August 21, 2020

EUSD Superintendent Family Update ~ 8-21-20

10 Reminders about Synchronous Learning…

This Fall Distance Learning will use Zoom (or possibly Google Meets) for live teaching and learning. Please review our tips and reminders below to help your student be successful!

For Parents

  1. Zoom sessions are for students only.

    Family members should not interact with the teacher and/or other students

    Family members should not provide answers to questions for student(s)

  2. Zoom sessions/ live teaching may not be recorded by students/families.

  3. Zoom sessions should not be photographed by students/families.

  4. EUSD-issued iPads are not to travel out of state.

  5. Keep iPads charged for Zoom sessions

    If you have trouble with an iPad not charging at all, alert your teacher.

  6. Don’t share zoom links on social media or anywhere else.

    Zoom sessions for school are private, and for students only.

    Parents please be mindful to respect the classroom environment

  7. Students should not have a Zoom account; they only need the teacher-provided link.

  8. Turn the Zoom camera on when entering a classroom Zoom session so the teacher can check for student well-being, attendance, and participation.

  9. Students are encouraged to learn how to “Rename” themselves when they join a Zoom session so the teacher can see their name.

  10. All students reviewed our video of Zoom Etiquette guidelines with their teachers (Primary, Upper Grade). Families are welcome to review these again for reminders.



As always, it is our ultimate goal to support the needs in our community. We were thrilled when we received clearance allowing ASPIRE to offer an enrichment program during the school day. Unfortunately, the most recent communication from the San Diego County Office of Education requires us to shift what we are able to offer. This new information resulted in having to pause enrollment for the time being and delay the start of ASPIRE to match the potential learning model that may be imminent if San Diego County continues to be off the monitoring list. ASPIRE programing will now begin when EUSD transitions to a new learning model, which we anticipate may be mid-September.

The new guidance and restrictions will require the need to begin the enrollment process again, once we have a determined start date.


Como siempre, nuestro objetivo final es apoyar las necesidades de nuestra comunidad. Nos emocionamos cuando recibimos la autorización que permitió a ASPIRE ofrecer un programa de enriquecimiento durante el día escolar. Desafortunadamente, la comunicación más reciente de la Oficina de Educación del Condado de San Diego requiere que cambiemos lo que podemos ofrecer. Esta nueva información resultó en tener que pausar la inscripción por el momento y retrasar el inicio de ASPIRE para que coincida con el modelo de aprendizaje potencial que puede ser inminente si el condado de San Diego continúa fuera de la lista de monitoreo. La programación de ASPIRE ahora comenzará cuando EUSD haga la transición a un nuevo modelo de aprendizaje, que anticipamos puede ser a mediados de septiembre.

La nueva guía y restricciones requerirán la necesidad de comenzar el proceso de inscripción nuevamente, una vez que tengamos una fecha de inicio determinada.