Thanksgiving than and now

Transportation, Language, clothes, First Thanksgiving

What was it like when the First Thanksgiving took place?

Think about the transportation. How did the Pilgrims get to Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts?

What city and country did that they start sailing from?

What year did the pilgrims start sailing?

What year did they land on Plymouth rock?

What happen during the first winter?

Who was the Indian that help them?

What was the First Thanksgiving Like?

Traveling on the Mayflower

You are traveling on the Mayflower. What will you bring on the Mayflower with you. Draw the Mayflower and draw pictures or write what you will bring on your trip across seas.

Examples of what the pilgrims brought on the Mayflower

Answer these questions

What did the pilgrims travel on?

What city and country did the pilgrims travel from?

What did they name their land?

What year did they start sailing?

What year did they find their new land?

Off to Plymouth Rock