Science News Flyer

Welcome to Open House!

Earthquake PBL

Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two-story house in California for Tony Stark that can withstand seismic activity? The earthquake PBL project was an activity where each person’s table group would work together to build a two-story house for the celebrity Tony Stark. Also, individually, I wrote a 5 paragraph informative essay about the dangers/being prepared for earthquakes. My team built our model of the house out of popsicle sticks, for the structure, clay to keep it all together, and string for extra support. Some of the main points that I learned from doing this project is all the ways to be prepared if there really was a very serious earthquake, so I would be safe. Another thing that I learned was how important it was to have a structurally sound house, and to build it where it is earthquake-safe.

30 Hands Project

In the 30 Hands Project, I created 9 Pic Collages about global warming and climate change. Then, I made a slideshow using the app 30 Hands, and narrated it using a script I wrote. I learned a lot about how dangerous global warming is, and ways to help stop it. Also, I found things that I can do to burn less fossil fuels, like riding my bike or walking, instead of driving a car. Something that I enjoyed while doing this was that I didn’t know how concerning global warming/climate change is, and now I will be able to do things about it, instead of sitting around doing nothing. Overall, the 30 Hands Project was really fun.

Invention Convention

The environmental problem that my group and I are trying to solve is the amount of pollution that goes into the ocean. The invention is a robotic sea turtle that goes around the ocean, eating up trash, which get put in it’s tank. There is also a GPS inside the turtle's shell so that it won’t get lost while it picks up the trash, and then delivers it to its ship when the tank is full of trash. It sits on the ship during the day to be charged up by solar energy, and then at night it goes out. It’s shell is covered in sand so that if it sees an animal like a shark, it will lend in. The invention helps solve this problem by not only reducing the trash in the ocean, but then also reusing it, because once it is taken by the turtle, the pollution gets sorted and determined what can be reused.