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Coach's Corner

Happy 2017 Lightning players and families! Nothing feels more like hockey season than the middle of January, but in just a month the days will feel warmer and playoff hockey will be underway in barns across Minnesota. The GRG coaching staff hopes your hockey season has been a memorable one to date. Remember as we hit this busy season of hockey tournaments and travel that players, and especially parents, are the front line of our community's reputation around the state of hockey -- bring GRG fandom with you wherever you go -- and do so with gratitude, class and positivity!

You have undoubtedly noticed the City of Grand Rapids and GRAHA's commitment to youth hockey being constructed on the North side of the IRA. Modeled after the covered pavilion in Edina, our own multi-use pavilion is going to expand and enhance youth hockey for practices, games, tournaments and special events during the season. When fully completed later in 2017, it will offer an experience and setting unrivaled in outstate Minnesota -- look to the 2017-2018 season for both the boys and girls high school teams to host games in our new space. There is still an opportunity to give to the project so it can have all the finishes that will make it truly unique -- look to for details!

The GRG high school team is deep into the 2016-2017 season and has performed well with a 14-5-2 record. Time in the weight room and bike/ yoga workouts off the ice have delivered an obvious difference on the ice. We are excited about the commitment our ladies have shown to make their game, and team, stronger! Find time in your busy hockey schedules to come out support the Lightning as they make the 2017 playoff push!

All the best, GRG Coaching Staff

The Wellness Window


While training and skill are important, a young body's fuel matters, too. That's why our young female athletes need a nutrition game plan. These nutrition tips will help your Lightning player kick it into high gear on game day – so she’ll never miss a shot.

1) Eat a good breakfast. We’ve all heard it, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and it is true. This meal should include carbs such as whole-wheat bread or cereal and a source of protein such as eggs, yogurt, or milk. Other great breakfast choices are oatmeal made with milk, last night’s dinner leftovers, an egg sandwich, or a smoothie made with fruit, yogurt, and milk.

2) Don’t light-load or skip lunch. Most of our girls compete after-school making lunch an important source of fuel for competition. Lunch should be hearty and represent as many food groups as possible. Don’t let your daughter opt for a light lunch or skip lunch altogether. By doing so she may think she will be lighter on her feet, but instead, it may leave her tank empty at game time.

3) Use caution with fatty foods. Fatty foods such as greasy burgers, fried foods such as chicken strips, and fatty desserts such as cookies or cake are filling and may leave your skater tired and sluggish on the ice. Keep the fat content on the light side…especially on game day!!

Lightning Gear

Men's 1/4 zip-up available in L and XL for $35 (pictured above left ). Women's 1/4 zip-up available in S, M, L for $35 (pictured above right). Feel free to contact Sue Harris at 218-398-0629 to purchase or if you have questions regarding Lightning gear!!

Lightning gear/clothing are also for sale at all GRG home games...Check it out and support girls' hockey!

Make sure to check out the full Lightning schedule by visiting the GRG hockey website below.

Captains' Corner

The GRG Lightning season has been going well. We have high expectations with the veteran team. We will graduate 11 seniors this year. We’re all committed and have acknowledged strengths and areas to improve. As a team, we have learned that everyone’s skills and abilities are necessary for us to be successful and win games! We have competed against many top teams in the state. These high intensity games open our eyes to the level we want to be at, especially as playoffs near. We recently participated in the Edina Classic which always has hi caliber teams. We went into 3 overtimes and a shootout in the first game. The tournament helped our team perform well under pressure as we went on to win two of the overtime games. Not only did our team play a full three periods but found the endurance and drive to push through OT and come up with a win. We hope this will be beneficial as we enter playoffs as we know our section holds some strong teams and it will be the expectation that games will be close. Our season is coming quickly to a close with only a few home games left. We want to thank all of the future “Lightning Stars” and all of our fans for coming out and supporting the HS team. We love to see you in the stands! Go GRG!!

Youth Hockey Night Highlights...

Youth Hockey Night took place on Friday, Nov. 18. Many of our young Lightning players took the ice with the older girls who truly inspire them and who have created a sense of family within our program. This is the true meaning of pride!!

The tradition continues at GRG Lightning Home Games...

If you daughter has not had the opportunity to skate the GRG flag out onto the ice it's not too late!! Please contact Julie Vekich at 218-259-0103 if your daughter would like to "carry on this tradition."

Lightning Booster Club Opportunities and News!

The GRG Lightning Booster Club is made up of parents of High School GRG Lightning players. We welcome and encourage you to attend our monthly meetings, held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 5:30 at the Eagles.

Our next meeting is January 23, at 5:30.

Please join us!

Volunteer Hours for High School Parents:
Thank you all for signing up to complete your service hours, we have had a great response and we appreciate everyone's willingness to do their part. Connect with the on-line volunteer hub below to see what is still needed. Call Gaye Fransisco if questions...218-259-0136.

LBC Contact Information

President-Shannon Rajala,

Vice President-Lisa Peart,

Treasurer-Amber Drotts,

Secretary-Jenny Shaffer,

*Newsletter (questions/comments)-Julie Vekich,