George Orwell

The Start

The book was written in 1948 by George Orwell, and criticized the policy of the season, the Nazism and the Stalinism. The book tried to warn people how would be the future if society continues with eyes closed to the absurdities that was happening in the present.

The Story

The story goes in London, where everybody is controled by the policy and none can question the life style tax or would be punished by death. Beside that all places are 24h controled by telescreen strategically placed. The story also has two main characters, Winston Smith and The Big Brother. Big Brother is the boss that controls the Party. Winston works in one of the Ministry, his job is change and rewrite the past by Party's rules.

Plot of the Story

  • Notebook and pencil

  • 2 minutes of hate

  • Julia

  • Captured

The End

In the end Smith accepts the Party and is released of the 101 room. He back to normal life, Julia is also released. But they are convenced that Big Brother is the best way.
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