By: McKenna Sullivan 2nd period

What is Judaism

The religion of Judaism is an religion based on the chosen followers of God. the creator of Judaism is Abraham. The holy sites for Jews are the Burag wall ( also called the western wall) this is located in Jerusalem. The Jewish holy books are the Tanakh and the Tora. The key beliefs for the followers of Judaism are fallow God's ten commandments, study the Trinity, and the Sabbeth witch is a holy day on Friday evening to Saturday evening. The sacraments for Jews are some followers can only eat Kosher foods/no pork , shellfish,or mixing of milk and meat products. Also, a bar (boy) or bat (girl) miffa at age 13; one is now a full member of the congregation. The Jewish worship leaders are a Rabbi (a teacher of the Torah; guide).The most common sects are Othodoy, Conservitive, and Reformed. The holy days and worship are Rosh Hashand the new year ,Fasting starts. Yom Kipper the day fasting ends and a celebration. Passover is an angel of death "Passed over" the Hebrews who where bondage in Egypt. The last holy holiday is Honaka a holiday that celebrates the miracle of oil lasting eight days when only enough for one day in Temple. The creator of Judaism is Abraham. In all three religions they belive that there is one holy father one God forever and ever.