GRC News Issue 5

Week of 9/21

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2nd Grade

Second graders this week began a unit called SHELL WE RESEARCH to introduce encyclopedia and dictionary skills. See if your child can remember the five classes of shells!

Our historian, Noah, says:

First we did morning work, then we did G of G. After that we did research on shells. We had lunch after that, we did self direct.

3rd grade gifted Taliyah

Greetings ,today we had quite a day .first, we did morning work what is your question?

next, we did gifted gab and we went into tasty idioms. After that we went to lunch/health. then we learned about encyclopedia. Last we packed our bags and headed back to school.

4th Grade Gifted by Amonni J.

Hello everybody, my name is Amonni. This morning of 9/25/14 our morning work sheet is called Questions Sheet. In gifted every week we have a historian. This week I am the historian.

I really wanted to be the historian because it sounded like fun to print and write a newsletter.

My favorite part about Gifted is that we have fun and self direct and gift of gab to show little things that people enjoy. We also do creative activities.

Before lunch we did Idioms and did a drawing representing idioms. My favorite parts were drawing and creating my own picture.

Gifted is not just about having fun. It is also to experience new things. For gifted this past week we've been reading a book called Mysterious Benedict. I love this book.

And at the end of the day we do self direct.


5th Grade Gifted by Sergio Gutierrez

First we had to make seven questions for an image of human-like animals. The animals had characteristics of humans. Then we did Gift of Gab and most of the students had unique thoughts. After that we did a Rapunzel play and five people played roles.

Next it was lunch time, we had pancakes, sausages, tater tots, syrup and more. We couldn't do astronomy 101 so we moved on to the book How to Be Perfect in Three Days. Finally we did self direct.

Shana David-Massett

Don Brewer Elementary servies Arlington Elementary, Arlington Heights Elementary, Parkwood Elementary, Lone Star Elementary, Lake Lucina Elementary, Justina Rd Elementary, and Ft Caroline Elementary gifted students!