Free the Whales

Killer Whales at Sea World by Lizbeth Guzman


In the movie Black Fish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite she successfully shows how unhappy the whales at Sea World really by showing videos and interviewing workers about the whales behaviors at Sea World.

Example 1

Kasatka wasTakara mother, they separated takara from her mother to mover her to Florida. kasatka was very sad that she started making horrible sounds that where new to the trainers explained john Hargrove. Kasatka was not happy being separated from Takara she was very depressed.

example 2

Sea world kept a whale away from all the other simply because they id not get along. so the whale would spend a lot of its time in a very small tank. it barely had any space to swim around. in the movie they mentioned how sometimes it wouldn't even move just stay thee in one spot.
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Example 3

Whales at sea world don’t all get along some whale beat other whales. They are not all protected whales have been hurt and the audience have seen then bleed. Tilikum has been seen bleeding in the middle of the shows.

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Therefore in the movie Black Fish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite it is successfully in showing how miserable the whales at Sea World are. The whales are ill, sad, lonely, separated from their family and poorly taken care of.