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July 1st, 2015

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Summer is in Session!


As you guys may know, Brenna Cruz has moved on, and is no longer the academic intern in charge of the photo library and updating you all. Cristina Flores has taken her place, and she's already doing a great job! Come on in to say hi, and make her feel welcome!

Brenna left us to concentrate on her studies, and try out new opportunities inside and outside the Park Service. She was a spectacular intern, and we wish her the best of luck.... we'll miss her!!

On another topic, we've been having problems with box.com. so please let us know if your uploads are still crashing, and accept our apologies for the inconvenience!

We're going to start emailing everyone through parkphotographer@gmail.com for continuity, so please make sure we're not blocked, or going into your spam folder. Please start using that email all the time, thanks!

We'll also continue to send out photo requests through Facebook, so please check that too. When we have an event that we need photos of, you'll be the first to know!

We're still planning to have the black and white photo show, and have extended the deadline until July 15. So please send us 3-5 of your best, to be hung in the Presidio Visitor Center in the next month or so.

Want to learn more about Lightoom? We will be teaching a Light Room tutorial in August, lead by Alison Taggart-Barone; it will take place on a Saturday and the date is yet to be detemined (perhaps August 15th?) We'd love to see all of you there, so we can have a great time learning valuable skills for enhancing your work.

In closing, I want to give everyone a heads up that in October, we're hoping to have another photo shoot overnight for the group. We'll keep you posted!

Thank you AGAIN for all the hard work you guys do!


Social Media Corner

Your photos are going all over our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., or to other organizations like E'xpressions College. Below are links to the pages where your beautiful photos are being displayed; be sure to check them out! Also, our Facebook page is becoming more active! Make sure you're in the group, GGNRA VIP Photographers, to get updates.

Please contact George or Olympia for more information.











Photographing Sensitivities 101: Photographing Interpretive Programs

Photographing people takes practice and patience. As photographers, we must remember to be quiet and capture those moments without interrupting the event. Interpreters/Rangers are there to present facts and figures to the public, so they can understand on an emotional and intellectual level how park stories relate to their own lives. Understand and respect the interpreters presenting at all times.

We constantly need photos of uniformed Rangers with the public. Introduce yourself to the ranger, and tell him/her what you're doing. Then, retreat into the background and photograph the action. We don't need Rangers or the public "mugging" for the camera- we need images showing the fun and interactive encounters between these two!

Always ask permission to photograph, especially the kids. People respond better to us when we respect that they have a choice about being photographed.

Please note, this is the protocol we need to follow for all interpretive presentations:

  1. Check in with the ranger leading the presentation prior to the presentation.
  2. Confirm with the ranger about any restrictions about photographing.
  3. Get direction from the ranger in charge
  4. Focus on the human interaction between the ranger and the audience members.
  5. Do not engage, interject or interrupt an interpretive program once it starts. Remember, you are an observer not a presenter.
  6. Lastly...have fun.

Photographer's Corner

Park Photographer Calendar—Keep Checking it Please!

We usually update the calendar every two weeks or so, and we'd like feedback from you about how it's working. We fell behind last month, but are catching up again.


If the calendar isn't showing up properly for you, let George know so we can fix it.

Still looking for other opportunities to photograph in the park? Try this site too:


Not a Volunteer Park Photographer? Find us by chance?

Consider joining by becoming a volunteer at Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). See what other opportunities are currently available.

More Info: http://go.nps.gov/BeAParkHero

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Photographer for the GGNRA? Apply now at:


Upcoming Major Events

New Presidio Gallery Exhibit

We're gathering photos for our next Presidio Gallery Exhibit, and the theme is Black and White. Anything in our park can be Black and White, buildings, people, animals, or flowers. Since the theme is so loose, we want at least 3-5 photos to choose from. The deadline for the photos will be the July 15th. Please Email parkphotographer@gmail.com to submit your photos.

In The Future

Here is an event that won't be happening for a while, but if you know you're available please send an email to VIP photographer.

  • Family Camp on August 8th and 9th at Rob Hill Campground


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Shoot List!

This is what we need from our spectacular photographers (yes you):

1. Rangers interacting with the public, showing diversity in the park, and if you can do both great!

2. Olmea Valley. Anything and everything in this site

3. "Find Your Parks" campaign will be running all year, and we need fresh 'glamor shots' of the main park sites. You know... diverse people using the parks with a recognizable park icon, and perhaps a pretty sky? Keep looking out for those photo opportunities!


Most of you are doing this really well, and our staff thanks you! BUT some of you are giving us carefully named images like this : Alcatraz_20141122_(your intitals)_ 17..... when we'd prefer simply ALCA_141122_(your initials)_17. Please use the four letter acronym for the location, not the full name, and 14 for the year, not 2014. The four letters are the first two in the location name; Fort Mason= FOMA, Marin Headlands=MAHE, etc. THANKS!

We can give you a list of location acronyms if it'll help, as well as a general keyword list. Let us know, and we'll send them to you asap!

When possible, please help us by pre-editing your photos. This is a suggested work flow:

  1. Edit and delete the out of focus, blinking eyes and other bad shots (like the butt shots)
  2. Edit again, choose the better ones, and process them (crop, sharpen, etc)
  3. Name them LOC_YYMMDD_Photographers intitials_sequence #
  4. We prefer the Adobe 1998 color space, and DNG as the file format
  5. Name the folder in Box.com with the location and event name, plus your name!
  6. Pat yourself on the back for doing good :)
  7. When the folder is removed from Box, we've downloaded them!

Volunteer Park Photographers (JPGs) Folder on Box

You may have noticed this folder on Box.com. Quite a few Volunteer Managers (and group organizations) have been requesting copies of your images. If you have a chance, please upload JPG versions of your group photos into this folder.

Please create a folder in accordance to the name of the group participating and the date, and upload them.

Park Academy

Park Academy provides professional career preparation for park interns, professional development opportunities for park staff, and personal enrichment for volunteers by providing ongoing learning opportunities. Conservancy members are also invited and encouraged to register for classes of interest.

To find out more go to http://www.parksconservancy.org/learn/park-academy/

Volunteer Park Photography Program

The Design Volunteers In Parks (DVIP) program is an innovative program which works in collaboration with students from the Academy of Art University, R/GA, and Ex'pression College. The purpose of the program is to help students connect with the parks' natural and cultural resources while demonstrating their ability to understand particular targeted audiences. Students participating in the program benefit by obtaining experience as volunteers working for the National Park Service as clients. Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in new media design.

The Volunteer Park Photography & Park Press program is a branch of the DVIP program which focuses on Digital Photography.