Adrian Washington

What is Protein?

A complex natural substance that has a globular or fibrous structure composed of linked amino acids.

Top ten highest Protein foods.

1. Turkey Breast (30g).

2. Fish (26g).

3. Low- fat Mozzarella and Cottage Cheese (32g)

4. Pork Chops (25g)

5. Low-fat lean Beef and Veal (36g)

6. Tofu (7g)

7. Soy Beans (17g)

8. Eggs (13g)

9. Yogurt, Milk, Soymilk (6g)

10. Nuts and Seeds (33g)

Functions of Protein

  • Required for building and repair of body tissues (muscles)
  • Enzymes, hormones, and alot of immune molecules are proteins
  • Essential body processes such as water balancing, nutrient transport, and muscle contractions require protein to function.
  • Source of energy.
  • Protein helps keep skin, hair, and nails healthy.
  • Protein is good for overall good health.
  • Why my choice was Protein.

    My choice was Protein because i think its the most essential nutrient needed for good health. Protein has nitrogen that helps repair cells and growth of the body. Protein is made of twenty building blocks of amino acids that your body needs to survive.