Simple Machines

The 6 Simple Machines


There were lots of simple machines made back then. All of these machines are still used today and are getting upgraded everyday. These machines help with everything in life such as traveling and moving things.


The lever is a rigid bar that rotates around a fulcrum. To use the lever, you have to use force to move it and the things with it. The lever has three classes; First is class 1 that has the fulcrum between the load and the effort. Next, is class 2 where the fulcrum is at one end, the effort is at the other, and load is in the middle. Finally, Class 3 where fulcrum is at one end, the lad at the other end, and effort is now in the middle.


The wedge is where two inclined planes are sandwiched together. It changes the force from moving downwards to outwards.


The screw is a inclined plane that is coiled around a shaft. It converts rotational motion into linear motion.


Makes work easy by changing the direction of the force. When you pull down on the rope, it lifts the objects you are trying to lift up.

Wheel and Axel

The wheel and axle is a small cylinder (The axle) joined to a large cylinder (The wheel). It is used to move heavy loads.

Inclined Plane

The inclined plane was simply a tilted surface. The steeper the slope was, the more effort it takes to push or pull things up it.