Littering in our community

#Keepwacobeautiful - group 4

About our issue:

Our issue that we are focusing on is littering. Pollution and litter are destroying our environment. 94% of people think litter is a large problem. For example, there is an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean that is twice the size of Texas. We have found that the root cause of littering is laziness. To reduce littering we have decided that we will partner with the non-profit, "Keep Waco Beautiful" for our anti-littering rally. This rally will raise awareness for what the effects of littering can do to our environment and how we can help. At the rally, we will introduce our new program to decrease the amount of littering in Waco. This program will provide opportunities for people to clean our community biweekly.

What we learned:

Ryland, I have learned how much littering affects our community. Did you know that every year there is more than 435 million pieces of visible litter on Texas roads?

Easton - I learned that there's an island of litter in the pacific that is over 2 times the size of Texas.

Amelia: I learned that how much its cost you when you litter.Did you even know that $11.5 billion is spent every year to clean up litter?

Avery - I learned that litter is a lot more impactful on this planet than people think, and that in the Pacific Ocean there is an island of litter twice the size of Texas.

Kaden: I learned that 62% of Texas smoker admit to throwing cigarette butts out of their car window.

Clayton: That the main cause of littering is people are lazy.

Grady-- Over 100,000 marine animals die each year because of litter and pollution.

Julianne: I learned that 60% of property appraisers would reduce a home's value if it were littered.

Austin-I learned that littering is harmful to the environment.

Group four- littering in our community