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Publication 9 : 10/21/2019

Our journey........... #180daysofwhy

Thank you for your THOUGHTFULNESS

Each and every day...I walk through the doors in service to not only our GATORS but to you TEAM GOMPERS!

Thank you for the thoughtful acknowledgment of Boss's Day!

Your card and generosity with a lovely plant, "green balloons" and gift cards were a special treat.

I love all the goodies...I am set for lunch with popcorn for a good two

It is an honor to serve, I am trying and will continue to do my best and be the boss you deserve.

Kudos to our ILT Team

Thank you to the ILT Team leads for your leadership in facilitation and for beginning our collective professional development journey toward "Enhancing Rigor and Expectations" in our classrooms across a K-8 continuum. As discussed by the team this will be a year-long study and focus through DOK and what that looks like and sounds like in text and task.

Click the link for a brief "snippet" into our PD work and pedagogical/instructional shifts throughout the year :

Noticing of Visiting Classrooms this past week.......

#AMAZING things are happening every are just a couple of examples!!!!!!

Ramirez - supporting procedural fluency with 3 digits #'s and subtraction via a game, most powerful instructional move - reflective questions posed to students about their thinking understanding after the game

Primrose - powerful instructional move - asking students how they are organizing their thinking of the information vs giving them a map, students were justifying their reasoning with tablemates

Knowlton - error analysis in writing with student samples, powerful instructional move asking students to identify elements of claim and reasoning as supported in textual reference.

Please note, as I visit classrooms this week, I will continue to look for instructional activities that match the daily learning target posted and its match to a grade-level standard/rigor --- What grade level standard is being addressed during the lesson? Secondly, it is also important that students know how they will reach the given target/success criteria. Lastly, I strongly urge you to appropriately close your daily learning/period or time block section with a recap of the learning intention, therefore, cementing the learning.

Monitoring of Data Area(s)

Monitoring Data

I wanted to give you a heads up about being TRANSPARENT and public about data displays via the GAZETTE.

The following "data points" will be shared via grade level/content areas:

*RAPID Screener %s

*ELA and Math synergy exams %s

*CORE5 weekly completion rates

*STMATH course syllabus weekly completion rates

Big picture
Unity Day - United Against Bullying - October 23rd

Click the link for resources if you choose to use with your class

Culture and Climate

Daily SEL w/Sanford Harmony

Across our district, many schools are engaging in focused SEL/U6 work through the Sanford Harmony project. We are not ready to engage in a schoolwide focus. However, Gompers already has some classrooms that are dabbling in "community circles" or "class meetings" which is a component of Sanford Harmony; if you would like to learn more for possible implementation of the Sanford Harmony program come to a VOLUNTARY informational meeting.

What: Sanford Harmony - Social-Emotional Curriculum

How: Program materials overview via video in the embedded link:

When: October 22 @ 8:00 to 8:40, presented by Kate Komatz, Elementary Counseling Supervisor

**Classrooms kits are available for all levels, see Ms. Frank if you are interested in a kit**

MIndset Mondays and TuneUp Thursdays......

Our culture and climate are telling us we have got to do something different. The current status quo for this is how we have done business at Gompers is in my opinion not yielding the desired results. I can not and will not accept this NARRATIVE for a great school such as GOMPERS.

There are going to have to be some collective structural changes that involve a full "ALL IN" and "ONBOARD" to support a more positive narrative for our school's success.

I know and understand that there is a lot of NEW THINGS HAPPENING,...but our climate is telling us that this has to be addressed.

I will work be working collaboratively with Safe and Civil regarding the next steps.

We got this..I know and I believe in OUR SCHOOL and ITS SUCCESS and OUR ABILITY TO CREATE the SUCCESS NARRATIVE!!

Increasing our Technology KNOWLEDGE OF GSUITE aka Google APPS

What: Technology GSUITE Support

Where: Library @ 3:30

When: October 15, 22 & 29 (3 Consecutive Tuesdays...information builds on each other)

Agenda Topics:

Google Classroom K-5

Google Classroom 6-12

Yes, it is voluntary buttttttttt ohhhhhh so worth it!

School Leadership...........


SDM: Finalization of ByLaws will be sent electronically for review by Knowlton

Safe and Civil: Presentation @ November 14, Staff Meeting

ILT: Quarterly Visit ( ILT Members only) - November 7

Adjunct Duty

Click the embedded link to view

Big picture

LBUSD is goingggggggg GREEN too!

Long Beach schools are going green. Teachers, support staff, administrators and parents who would like to assist with recycling and other sustainability efforts are invited to the Green Summit at Hughes Middle School from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Nov. 16. The school is at 3846 California Ave., Long Beach.

School district, city and local non-profit representatives will provide information on campus sustainability. Learn about the latest recycling changes and how to get started at your school with sorting and recovering food, cans, bottles, paper and more. The aim is for each school to have a green site coordinator.

A stipend rate is available for teachers/staff attending the summit (register in myPD for either the classified employee or certificated employee section of Course 9160).

Parents can RSVP at

Contact, or

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.

October 21 - 31st

21- 25 - Red Ribbon Week

21 - Admin Meeting @ 9:30

22 - Office Supervisors Meeting

22 - 8:00 - 8:40 Stanford Harmony presentation: Kate Komatz (voluntary)

23 - Unity Day - Unity Against Bullying

23 - MS/K8 Counselor's meeting

23 - Parent Workshop - What is Bullying @ 3:30 - Library

24 - Staff Meeting/Culture of Prevention - BP Mandated Training

24 - 8th Grade Field Trip - Theater

24 - Miller read w/ Students and families @ 2:45 - Library

24 - Safe and Civil Team @ 2:40 - Estrada's room

25 - Opera - 2nd and 3rd grades

25 - Miller @ MSK8 Principal Meeting - Ms. Beverly Moulet will be on site as ADMIN

25 - Ghoulish Gala = Tent or Treat/PTA @ 5:30 - 8:30pm

28 - Student of Month (GRIT Recognition)

29 - Safe and Civil @ 9:00

29 - SSC @ 3:30

30 - End of 1st Quarter

31 - Halloween Parade for Kinder @ 10:45

Upcoming - November

Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-12