Paragraphs Final

By: Logan

The effects of bullying

How would you feel if you got bullied? Bullying needs to stop and it can get you in a lot of trouble. Lots of kids get bullied every day! 20% of teens say they have/had thoughts of suicide. 42% of kids have been bullied online. Next time you see someone being bullied help them.


Bullying is hurtful it is causing violence and suicide it is not ok, you can do something to stop bullying. Lots of kids dread being the outcast, the reject, the person everyone bullies, the loner, not being good enough. 60% of middle school kids say they have been bullied. 20% of teens say they have/had thoughts of suicide. The numbers are only getting bigger. You could reduce by keeping an eye on students, standing up to bullies, telling an adult. Another way to reduce is to have a anti-bully program it would show how much it hurts.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying affects kids all over the world. It is another type of bullying but on the internet. It harasses, embaresses, or threatens someone, it also has caused suicide. It leaves emotional damage to the victim, it has caused violence, and it’s never ok. They think it’s ok because they’re behind a screen. 42% of kids say they have been bullied online. 21% of kids say they have received mean or hurtful texts, messages, or email. This problem is affecting kids studies and worries kids to go to school. Take Cyber bullying very seriously. You can respond by letting you parents help you, and maybe monitor your actions.

Bystanders and Upstanders

Bystanders and Upstanders the good and the bad. A Bystander watches bullying happen. Does nothing, maybe laughs, maybe videos it. A Upstander does the things a bystander doesn’t do. They do something about bullying, tells an adult, helps the victim/victims.

Bullying and Cyber bullying is not ok. 60% of middle school kids say they have been bullied. The numbers are only getting bigger. Tell an adult or get your school to have a anti-bully program. It helps not to cause suicide and assist to not affect kids studies. Bystanders watch bullying and cyber bullying happen. Upstanders do something about bullying and cyber bullying. Are you a Bystander or Upstander?