by juan mosqueda

Direct Characterization

  • appearance- 37 year old man

  • actions-defended a kid that was like him before the surgery

  • words- ''I have several good ideas of my own. Their are so much that might be done with this technique if I could be made into a genius, what about thousands of others like my self ?

  • thoughts and feelings-''what do fancy people think about''

  • relationships with others- Algernon is a mouse that he races against and Algernon keeps beating him.

Inderect Characterization

  • appearance- his appearance looks about 30-40

  • actions-he wanted to fix his reports because they had spelling errors even though doctor nemur told him to.

  • words-he wants to make more people be like him so that everyone can be about as smart as he is.

  • thoughts- he is frustrated because he can never beat Algernon

  • relationships with others- he likes doctor Nemur because he was the one who wanted Charlie to get smarter even though doctor stratus didn't ant him to be the one who would get the surgery.
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