SH Daily

Seth Hettinga

Laser Tag

Tomorrow at Seth's pastors house, he is going to play with his friends in a friendly game of laser tag. When he goes it will be in his pastor's backyard because he has a big backyard. His family has four going on five kids. They live in a log cabin with some land next to his house where they will play laser tag. A lot of Seth's friends are going. Some go to Bay View Middle School although a couple are home schooled or go to other schools.

Weather at Bay View Middle School

Today is rainy in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That means a lot at Bay View Middle School. For one, everyone is more gloomy. For another that means indoor recess. So they watch a movie. Or they go in the gymnasium if there is no one in there. They play a game of lightning, tag or just chatting.

What it also means if it rainy is that all the extra-curricular activities that are outside are cancelled. So for example the Track and Field, football, soccer, tennis, and others are cancelled. Whereas the indoor activities are not cancelled. Like Jazz Band, basketball, and many other activities. When it is rainy at Bay View Middle School, many people are bummed because what you can' to on a sunny day.

Recess at Bay View Middle School

At recess many people are doing many different things. One thing that many people do is football. You play football by throwing the ball to another person on their team and one touched with two hands by the opposing team then you are "down." Once they are on the other side of the field they kick it to the other team.

Another game that people play at recess is foursquare. Foursquare consists of four squares where the highest square is "king." They serve the ball to any body in the other three squares. If someone "messes up" in any way they are out and have to wait in line until it's their turn again. Other people stand around and talk and catch up others.