December Newsletter

What's happening in First Grade?

Language Arts

In Shared Reading, we are reading gingerbread and winter story books. We are working on retelling the story by identifying the characters, the setting, and the important events. We are also comparing and contrasting the characters and events in the different stories.

In Fundations, we learned three new glued sounds (all, am, and an) and added four more this week (any, ing, ing, ing)! We are working on identifying the baseword and the suffix in a word. We only tap out the sounds for the baseword, and then we add on the suffix when spelling the word. For example, in the word pills, pill is the baseword and s is the suffix.

In Writer's Workshop, we learned the parts of a friendly letter and enjoyed writing many of them, even one to Mr. Marble! We are now continuing to work on our narrative stories. There are many skills to remember as we write, such as organizing the order of events, adding description, and choosing an "excellent ending" for our stories. We also continue to remember: 1. I add a space between each of my words. 2. I start each sentence with a capital letter. 3. I end each sentence with a punctuation mark. 4. I use a capital letter for the names of people.


In Math, we finished our second unit, Solving Story Problems. We have worked on solving addition and subtraction story problems, finding different combinations of a number (4+6 and 11-1 make 10), and we played many different addition and subtraction math games. We have also been working on finding the missing number in an equation ( __ + 3 = 9) and determining if an equation is true or false (8+3=10 True or False). We do a daily “fact family,” count money, and read the calendar. We are all getting faster with our addition facts! Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts at home. Don’t forget that you have access to the IXL website for lots of math practice.
We are now working on our next unit: organizing data in a graph.


In Science, we studied the weather. We’ve learned about the different seasons, why the weather changes, and how the weather impacts our lives. Ask your first grader about the water cycle! We made a mini-water cycle; see right.

Staff eboards are useful and fun!

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