Cape Town, South Africa

Discover this amazing land of cultural diversity

Taste the mouthwatering meats of Cape Town

Send your taste buds on an adventure and taste the combined flavors of Africa, Europe, and Asia into one. Try the delicious version of a South African barbecue called a braii. Succulent meats like a kind of sausage named boerewors are usually at a braii. If you're looking for a sweet snack you're in luck because Cape Town has endless mouthwatering treats. A milk flavored cake called a melktert or milktart is one of the many tasty snacks. If you're in search for some South African meats you can find ostrich, beef, chicken, and lamb. These are the main choices of most South Africans. There are also useful quick snacks when you're in a hurry or on the go. You may want a strip of dried meat called biltong or maybe you could try a samoosas which is a pastry stuffed with meats and veggies. So, why don't you come and try for yourself the many delectable foods of Cape Town, South Africa.

Celebrate the holidays and learn the religions of the diverse Cape Town, South Africa

Come to Cape Town and experience the many holidays and religions of the South African culture. Walk into a whole different world of clothing styles. South Africans mainly follow the Protestant, Pentecoastal/Charismatic, or Catholic religions. The holidays can range from Christmas to Family Day. The most well known holidays are Christmas, Easter, New Years, and Good Friday. South Africans also celebrate small holidays such as Youth Day, Heritage Day, Human Rights Day, and if you're a lady you're in luck because there is also Women's Day. Black and white South Africans normally wear western style clothing. Blacks that live in rural areas often wear traditional clothing including headdresses or scarfs. Visit Cape Town to celebrate the great holidays, discover the many different religions, and wear the colorful clothes of the people.

Relax and enjoy the many attractions at Cape Town

Enjoy the exhilarating amusement parks, relax in the luxurious V&A Waterfront, dine in the finest restuaunts, tan on the best beaches, and party like there's no tomorrow. South Africa has many amazing amusement parks but some of the best are in Cape Town. Ride the fastest rollercoasters, splash down waterslides, and ride on the classical carousel. If you and your family want to get away from your everyday lives then go to Cape Town's beaches and lay in the warm sun, swim with sea animals, play beach volleyball, and build giant sandcastles. Do you want a luxurious getaway? Cape Town has the perfect place. V&A Waterfront ranges from relaxing in a chair to relaxing in a boat. V&A Waterfront also has breathtaking views and many friendly people. Great resturaunts are located everywhere in Cape Town. You will definitely enjoy the many wonderful arrays of food at Cape Town's resturaunts. Vacation to Cape Town and see many amusement parks and breathtaking views. Watch the waves of the best beaches hit the ocean shore. Also taste some of the world's best foods at the one and only Cape Town, South Africa.

Discover the Symbols that South Africans Treasure

Wondering about any of South Africa's national symbols and how they represent their country? Well here they are... South Africa's flag is one of the most important symbols. It shows the struggles of South Africa in the past and how South Africa rose from the ashes and united. See South Africa's national flower and tree. The King Protea is South Africa's national flower and one their most beautiful symbols. The Real Yellowwood is South Africa's favorite tree and national symbol. South Africa's national animal is the quick and fast Springbok. The Springbok is somewhat similar to a deer. It has two black horns running upward out of its head. The stealthy Blue Crane is South Africa's national bird and the national fish of South Africa is the Galjeon. South Africa has many beautiful national symbols. You have to check them out!

Learn the languages of South Africa

Did you know the common South African speaks two to three languages? South Africa is a melting pot of languages from Russia, Germany, and Italy. Traditional languages are also common. Cape Town's most common languages are English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa. In Cape Town there are Russian, German, and Italian languages due to immagration. Most of the locals in Cape Town speak English because that is a very common language in South Africa. Native South African languages are divided into four groups: Nguni, Sotho, Tsonga, and Shangana. Most South Africans speak a Nguni language like Zulu or Xhosa. Cape Town holds some of the most interesting languages from English to Zulu. Maybe you can try to learn one of these languages.

Bask in Cape Town's Summer Sun

Experience the bluest skies you have ever seen in Cape Town. Relax by laying in the warm sun of Cape Town's clear beaches. The best time to go to Cape Town based on weather is in the summer. This perfect climate attracts tourists from around the globe to Cape Town's beaches. Cape Town is semiarid, and has sunny days and cool nights. South Africa's eastern coast is in a subtropical climate. According to research, Cape Town has the fifth best blue skies in the entire world. Cape Town is also recognized for its natural beauty. Even though Cape Town's climate is mainly hot, there is always a constant wind that blows upon it. To feel the once in a lifetime weather in Cape Town come visit and experience its wonderful climate.


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