Bodh Gaya

A Place of Enlightenment

The Mahabodhi Temple

This is the Temple of Enlightenment.

The picture above is the Mahabodhi temple where the Buddhists pray to the Buddha. The history is the buddha went on a journey to Samanth to find the liberating truths on enlightenment and the experience of bliss. The temple is an ancient holy spot for the Buddha.The temple does not have much attraction but it has more history then others.

Sacred place

The reason why the Bodh Gaya is sacred is because they pray to the "Buddha" and they can pick what other LITTLE god they want to worship other then just one god they can pick like the "secretaries" of the Buddha. Bodh Gaya is the most important destination that the Buddhist traveled to. The Bodh Gaya is sacred to buddhist and every year millions travel to be inspired "Enlightened" to partake in meditations and relax in the blessing of the buddha.


The location is in India. the Bodh Gaya Is near the Neranjara river. Its the middle size of all the rivers in India. All of the hotels and homes in India most of the people in India are homeless because they rely on the Buddha.

The Major Religion in Bodh Gaya


The major religion is......Well......Buddhism. and they believe that he is the MAIN god and he is but there are also "little" gods that people can worship like they can pick their own"little" god.

The Eighth Fold Path

Faithful Bodhisattva (Buddhist Rap - Positive Hip Hop Song)

The Four Noble Truths

Other things that people have done

People have written books to become a better person for Buddhist to do things right and stay on the Eighth fold path. The people are praying (the picture above) are the people trying to take the journey that the buddha had taken and go to the sacred temple