Educating with Mobile Devices

Insight into the effectiveness of M-Learning in classrooms.


Do you even remember what it was like to not have a cell phone? As technology and time have advanced, mobile phones have become a staple in our culture. Mobile devices have advanced to allow people all around the world to connect with one another and access information on virtually anything. Newer and older generations alike have already been exposed and adopted mobile devices into their culture and lives. With the advances in fields such as medicine & technology, I would like to inform readers of the potential that mobile devices have to advance and evolve the landscape of education in the 21st century.
Students use smartphones in the classroom

Potential Benefits of Mobile Learning

  • Most students are already familiar with these devices
  • Ability to access information instantly
  • Easily conduct research and share findings
  • Provides an avenue for collaboration
  • Allows student to learn within and outside the classroom
  • Lower cost than computers
  • Enhances in problem solving and creativity
  • Ability to compile data on students comprehension of material
  • Facilitates correspondence with students
These are only some of the potential benefits!

Necessary Steps for Implementation

  • Uniformity of devices (or application compatibility across devices)
  • Monitoring system to ensure use is educational
  • Strict standards & procedures
  • Strong classroom culture
  • Educators must be well educated in the platform to maximize benefits to students

Overview of Statistical Findings & Research Highlights

  • 61.35% of participants had access to the internet
  • 63.97% of participants had reported using or having used mobile devices for mobile learning
  • Results of the experiment showed that participants are generally happy with using mobile phones for learning and would like to continue using mobile learning in the future
  • Most participants found that mobile devices used for educational purposes increased their productivity as well as their efficiency
  • Study showed that an overwhelming 88% of the population was interested in using mobile devices for mobile learning purposes

  • 58% of 13-17 year olds own smartphones as of July 2012

Interview With Jonathan Trebble-Greening : 3rd Year High School Science Teacher

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Interview- Mobile Phone Use in the Classroom by User 76880301

How can you get mobile devices for your school?

Project K-Nect is designed to create a supplemental resource for secondary at-risk students to focus on increasing their math skills through a common and popular technology – mobile smartphones. Ninth graders in several public schools in the State of North Carolina received smartphones to access supplemental math content aligned with their teachers’ lesson plans and course objectives. Students communicate and collaborate with each other and access tutors outside of the school day to help them master math skills and knowledge. The smartphones and service are free of charge to the students and their schools due to a grant provided by Qualcomm, as part of its Wireless Reach™ initiative.

Key results of Project K-Nect Program

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Bradley Greening

Senior Undergraduate Student at the University of Georgia