Getting Things Set Up UBAM Style!

The Brinkman Books Team

Hello again!

Here are a few more quick tips to getting started:

Here's the link to your shopping website:

  • You will want to personalize your shopping page with your own information. Click here for a video on how you do that.
  • Every time you have a show, you will set-up an e-show along with it. Note: there is NO www included in the address - that's on purpose.
  • Here is a video that shows you how to set up an e-show, go to your shopping website. You simply select “log in” in the right-hand corner. You will sign in as a returning customer and enter your email address as well as your UBAM password (last 4 digits of your social security number). After you set yourself up in this way, select “My Account” from the upper right-hand corner. You'll see an area to your left to "Set Up an Event" - this is where you'll set up your e-shows. Be sure to do this for every home party that you do (including your Business Launch event!)

Usborne Hawk Team FB Page: We are part of a large national team called the Usborne Hawk Team! We have another smaller group of consultants who are only in my group, that is the Brinkman Books Team. Please friend me on FB if you haven't already, and we'll get you added to our team pages! Be sure to browse the Files and Photos sections, too!

I expect you to have many, many questions. These are great! Your consultant guide that comes in your kit will be your first resource for these. I am your second line of support, as well as all of the information on our national training website: www.UsborneHawkTeam (password is hawktraining).

The easiest way to reach me is via email or FB message.

REMEMBER, you’ll be receiving lots of info and training. Don’t worry – you are not expected to “get it all” right away – just filter through it as time permits. We will make sure you are fully trained over the next 3 months.

This business is great fun, and can also be very profitable, if that is your goal. As your upline team leader with Usborne Books & More, I am available to help you succeed AND enjoy your new venture!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Cheering for you!

Karman Brinkman

Senior Executive Team Leader

Brinkman Books Team