Tobacco-Free for a Healthy UTT

Promoting the Health of all Patriots

Proposed Policy

As a graduate student who works on campus, I am asking you, the Student Government Association (SGA), to consider supporting the implementation of a tobacco-free policy at the University of Texas at Tyler.

A tobacco-free policy places the health of all individuals at the forefront and allows all individuals the opportunity to breathe clean, smoke-free air while on campus. Every student has the right to breathe clean air that is free from the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. This is an area where everyone benefits.


  • Tobacco use is among the leading causes of preventable death in the United States.
  • Of 9 University of Texas System schools, there are only 3 schools that have not adopted a tobacco free policy, and the University of Texas at Tyler is one of them.

  • 1 in 4 nonsmokers are exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS) which has been associated with numerous chronic diseases.
  • Tobacco smoke is classified as a carcinogen for which there is NO SAFE LEVEL of exposure

  • UT Tyler has a smoke-free policy while allows for smoking as long as the individual remains 25 feet away from the entrance of a building. Therefore, students may be exposed to SHS while on campus which poses an unnecessary risk to individual's health.
Second-Hand Smoke Kills Public Service Announcement

Thank you for your time and support in addressing this proposed policy. For more information please contact me at:

Christy Gipson RN ,MSN, CNE