Pairwise Comparison Meathod

By: Haley and Hannah

Pairwise Comparison Meathod

This is the comparison of candidates to one another. After you have the results you then can determine a winner.


Let`s say that we are trying to figure out what the favorite type of meat is at the ball. The three choices are beef, pork, and chicken. The following votes were gathered and here the results.

#of votes------ranking

6 b>p>c

5 c>p>b

4 p>c>b

1) the first step is to compare all of the types of meat to determine who one against one another. So if you compare pork and beef, pork has 9 votes and beef has only 6 votes. Comparing pork and chicken pork has 10 votes and chicken has 5 votes. Last comparing beef and chicken, beef has 6 votes while chicken has 9 votes.

2)After you compare all of these candidates you figure out who one big points or who won there match up.

Beef -0



3) After you figure that out you can see who the winner is. Because of the above information you are able to tell that Pork is the selection.