Mean,Median,Mode, and Range



In order to find the mean you have to add them all and then divide the sum by the number that you add.And you will get the answer for the mean.
Example: mean=4+0+8+2+1+7+2+4+26+2+10=66/11=6 so the mean is 6.


To look for the median you have to write the values of numerical order and define to find the middle value. To find the median you have to find the middle number.
Example:6,6,4,10,3 median =4


To find the mode,you have to look which ones are there the most. If there is no numbers that are the same then there is no mode.
Example:3,7,7,7,5,8 mode=7 because there is a lot of 7's


The range you have to is from least to greatest.Then after that you subtract the smallest number from the biggest number.
For example:93,95,89,98,97