Privacy and Security


Passwords are helpful to keeping your accounts from being seen by other people you don't know. Create complex passwords by like adding numbers or signs to make it more harder to find.You can also change your password often once a week to ensure no one can find it.

For each accounts you have, you should have different passwords so other people wouldn't get to your other accounts

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Scams are bad ways to trick people into hacking your information.Scams are from thieves that are trying to steal money digitally rather in the outside world. If you want to find out how to identify scams, check if the link starts with a http://. Also how to find it is when it's tells you won something and tells you to click here to submit your information. You can install a anti-virus program to prevent this. This is a example of a scam
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User Agreements

User Agreements are documents that tells you rules and gives you the right to use websites online. Mostly important websites online have this document


Privacy is a abitity that people you to keep away there most important info from the outside world. You can put minor info online that wont be a big problem, but you shouldn't put private info on social media that be risk of people hacking or steal your information which is like identify theft. Also don't share your social security,credit card,or anything financially online otherwise your identify can be stolen easily.
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Internet Safety Video

Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online