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August 31, 2020

Sailing Right into September!

Things are going so smoothly at school! We appreciate your patience with the new procedures.

Need to Know Info...

Open House Meetings: This week, we will take a different approach with our annual open house meetings. Each teacher will communicate with families about the specific details of their classroom open house. All open house meetings will be virtual, but each teacher may put their own spin on how they present their info and gather with families. Teachers will send an invite to tune in per the schedule below:

August 31 - 6th Grade at 6PM; 5th Grade at 6:30PM

September 1 - 3rd Grade at 6:30PM

September 2 - 2nd Grade at 6PM; 1st Grade at 6:30PM

September 3 - Kindergarten and 4th Grade at 6PM; PreK at 6:30PM

Snacks: Students are encouraged to bring a snack each day for individual consumption. We are no longer able to use a snack calendar and allow students to share snacks from home. If your child counts on a snack during the school day, please help them remember to pack something each day. Feel free to send enough for the week to be kept at school, but please do not send more than a week's worth as that could be a tempting invitation for critters to visit our classrooms! If your child is assigned to a Nut Free classroom, the teacher will make you aware. In these cases, please help us keep everyone safe by sending snacks that do not contain nuts or nut products.

Absences: Thank you for your patience with our new attendance guidelines. We are in constant communication with the local health department and our guidelines are revised as we receive new guidance. Please be sure to tune in each time the district announces changes to our re-entry plan. Below are some highlights of the most recent revisions to our practices:

SYMPTOMS: The list of symptoms has been streamlined to include the following:

    1. Temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth
    2. Sore throat
    3. New uncontrolled cough that causes difficult breathing
    4. Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
    5. New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever
    6. Loss of taste or smell
NEGATIVE TESTS: Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 who had a negative test may return to school:
    1. Must be 24 hours fever free without the use of fever-reducing medications;
    2. Other symptoms are resolved;
    3. AND not a close contact of a confirmed case.
    4. Doctor’s note is not required.

SYMPTOMS & CLOSE CONTACTS: Anyone with symptoms who is not tested must isolate, and anyone in the household is considered a close contact and must quarantine.

  • If the symptomatic person (without a positive test) is diagnosed with another condition that explains the symptoms or tests negative, then no quarantine for close contacts is necessary.
  • If not tested, a primary care provider’s note with alternate diagnosis will be needed to return to school.
  • A symptomatic person and anyone living in their household should quarantine while waiting for test results.

POSITIVE CASES: If someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 tests positive, then siblings and household members should be considered close contacts and advised to quarantine.

We have been overjoyed at having your kiddos back in school, whether in person or remote. Looking forward to a great year together!


No School: Labor Day, Sept 7; eLearning/Staff Development Day, Sept 30; Fall Break, Oct 19-23

For specific details about the WBCCS Re-entry Plan, please click here.

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