Isaac Newton

By: Ruth M

Who is Isaac Newton?

Isaac Newton was born in 1643, in Woolsthorpe England. His father died before he was born. He ended up living with him grandmother because his mother remarried and left. When Newton was older he wanted to go to college but his mother refused to pay for it, so Isaac payed for his own college fund working. He then graduated with a bachelor agree in 1665.

Newtons Career

Isaac was an English scientist, an astronomer and a mathematics. Involving his science life he discovered secrets of light and colors, and how we basically use them. He also discovered the theory of gravitation and pretty much how it impacts our life. Isaac has science laws named after him, the Newton laws. He also learned the value of the Earth. Isaac had issues producing his work to the world because he was scared to publish his work, mostly because he didn't think highly of himself, and because he feared criticism.

Later Life

Towards Isaac's later years he had a breakdown from working so much. He eventually started working again, Newton then invented Calculus. Which Gottfried Leibniz helped spread Calculus into Europe for other people to use. Sadly, Isaac Newton died in 1727, at age 84.
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Gravity in Newton's Universe
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